Some links to paranormal research, contemporary art, and spirit communications
Quelques liens sur la recherche paranormale, l’art contemporain, et les communications spirites

Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology and the Paranormal (Baltimore, Center for Art and Visual Culture, 2005)

Imponderable : The Archives : A Photographic Record Sequenced by Tony Oursler. Ed. Anne Wehr. Zurich, LUMA Foundation, 2015

Institut Métaphysique International

Paranormal database

Parapsychological Association

The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult (New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2005) / Le troisième œil : La photographie et l’occulte (Paris, Maison Européenne de la photographie, 2004-2005)

Rhine Research Center

Society for Psychical Research

Survival Research Institute of Canada

Susan Hiller

Technologies of Intuition
. Ed. Jennifer Fisher. Toronto, YYZ; Winnipeg, MAWA; Display Cult, 2006

Telepathic Drawing Session, a project by/un projet par Rebecca Duclos

(psi) is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. In the field of parapsychology, it signifies a paranormal process.
(psi) est la 23ième lettre de l’alphabet grec. Dans le domaine de parapsychologie, il signifie un processus paranormal.