List of text-based works so far / Liste des œuvres textuelles à ce jour :

“Ay, ay” I believe the boy looked into the dark.

unearthly reflection


her lovely boy is condemned

sometimes I felt impelled to look


The steps were already suspicious

The visitor began spinning himself “A-a-ah …”

This thing was most absurd

He was a –nobody    

Dear spirits    

But books were only ghosts

Guided by a ship sunk under a desert sky

The little clock hands were bruised

This strange home


Pale bedroom with drawers, and string

Things appeared a little mental

(                ) he was night walking   

The room was filled with various books on fire

I have forgotten visions of grandeur

I stood in the mountains

Alas! I dared not let myself enjoy the undertaking.

son ennui sublime

The house was beloved deeply.

I was a stranger

Is this a memory?

unspeakable happiness

M. was a modern chimera.

You waited for the long-absent to return

Ruined beauty.

It was an outside presence sitting beside me.


This creature was the model of repentance.

The Night advanced over a troubled ocean.

I was asleep – when I saw the horrible thing;

if I was a cloud,

P.S. I may be insane;

The heart was a solitude.

The gentleman broke down and fainted.

Time welcomed the arrival of fate.

Call to the wind, and the candle will tell you nothing

the moon had never been so full of anguish;

That is my confession

That sombre volume was blamed for your disappearance

I swear I am not thinking of a guiltless crime

the pointing man said “     “ and suddenly I noticed the stone.

I feared the children had possessed me

I lullaby

I became a shelter

Mother mother, father father

He was not of this world

Sometimes I wish

O! miserable me

Others will guess that I was the twin

The heavens were depressed

Thus the stars announced my destruction

I abstained from youth

Enter the asylum

To unread was not safe

Six bells had enslaved the curtained city

Darkness and light lay down by the night

Even the starry suffer disappointments,

Hell ventured out into the tempest.

She became an apparition

forget me

Only sailors seemed savage to the sea.

a wicked mirror brought on the transformations.

Once I was seized by the day

He was even invisible to me

painters need not despise me

The world was folly.

I thought the sun was blind,

Autumn leaves and I was deserted by another;

You traveled to the horizon, and discovered the wondrous

My past was gilded

I know this is the end.

forgive me not

death feared the unknown, and lively children;

She was divine.

What I saw, I cannot say

words weep,

I can and do but drift

Many having ashes in hand

I heard voices under the river

Soon, soon the dust shall rest

Sweet dreams would find him in time

I read roses

My life was supernatural

All eyes were on the shores of tranquility

Sleep awoke

I once was lost

The city thought the streets a shadow

Conversing persons inhabited the body

I picture myself a genius

I foresaw the gates were shut

Let me pass into thought